How to make Google Assistant send mail from other mail than gmail.

Ok so this was a hard one to solve, but I finally figured it out. This is for my Samsung S9 running Android, but I suspect it’s the same for others as well.

The issue was that when I said “Ok Google, send an email to…” it kept on sending mail from my gmail account. I tried everything to make it send from any of the email accounts that I had added to the stock email app on my smartphone but to no avail, what ever I tried, it kept sending from I even downloaded/enabled the gmail app (which I never use) and tried to find any way to change default email address.

Finally it came to me. Google Assistant doesn’t use any of the apps on your phone to send an email, it is directly connected to gmail in the cloud, so no matter what you do on the phone, it won’t make any difference.

So, here’s the fix: Go to, click on the cog wheel, choose settings and then “accounts and imports” and look for “Send mail as”.

That will give you the option to add a new email address as a “from” address. Just make sure to:

  • have your outgoing server (SMTP) settings handy, you’ll need them since you’ll be sending emails through that server instead of gmails.
  • Make sure to UNcheck the “send as alias” checkbox, that will make the address completely standalone and not connected to your gmail in any way.

With that done, you can now say “Ok Google, send email to mum” and she will get it sent from your specified “from” address.

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