Turn off Conversation / Threaded view in Outlook, iPhone and Gmail

I always find the conversation views annoying, I prefer reading emails in the order they are received. So here is how to turn off conversation / threaded view in some of the email clients:

Under the “View” tab, there is a checkbox with “show as conversations”, when checked you can also customize how the conversations are shown


Don’t go to settings, just click on the drop down menu “Filter” on the top right corner of the mailbox, at the bottom you’ll find “show as”, just choose “messages” instead of “conversations



Stop looking for it in the actual email app, go to the general settings, scroll down to “Mail, Contacts and Calendars”, then┬áthen look for “Organize by thread”. Turn that off and you’re good to go.


Go to Options (the cogwheel top right) choose “settings”, stay on the General tab, and then look for “conversation view”

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