Solve the “HTC Sync not working in Win 8.1” problem

Here’s a fix for connecting HTC Wildfire to Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, should work with other older phones too!

Ok so you upgrade to Wonderful Windows 8 or 8.1, install all your old programs and you suddenly realize that you can’t access your cellphone anymore with HTC Sync!

That goed for all Wildfire, Buzz, and the other older models that  run on HTC Sense 3.x or older that don’t work with the newer HTC Sync Manager.

I must have spent 15 hrs trying to solve this online, downloading strange drivers and trying lots of wierd hacks, BUT – the fix was so easy once I figured it out!


1. Install the newer software, HTC Sync Manager (download here), this will give you the new drivers

2. Then install the older software, HTC Sync (<a href="http://www best diet pills to lose” target=”_blank”>download here), it has to be installed AFTER! This will give you the program that works with your phone

3. Reboot (not necessary but always good)

4. Start HTC Sync, plug in phone, choose sync in phone, turn OFF debugging, turn ON debugging, wait one minute – Shazam!


Good Luck!

14 comments on “Solve the “HTC Sync not working in Win 8.1” problem”

  1. Alireza Reply

    Thank you, you solved my problem, its too important for me. my phone is htc chacha. thanks again

  2. David Reply

    HTC Desire (Bravo) A8181 Fantastic – eventually.

    I did the installs but still nothing happening. So I was about to give up. I decided to play and opened Sync Manager and it started an auto-find for music so I quickly closed it.
    I then uninstalled Sync Manager – just Sync Manager, nothing else.
    Then I tried it all again, opened HTC Sync, plugged in the phone – voila !

    Not sure which part did it but thought I’d mention this in case it helps someone else.

    I am very happy now. Thank you very much. I was searching for a solution for hours.

  3. Kara Reply

    This worked for me on my HTC Rhyme (Verizon). After live chatting with HTC support and only getting questions like, “Did you try another USB cable?” and then finally being told that the HTC Sync software is “not 100% compatible” with Windows 8.1, I was feeling frustrated and hopeless. Thank you for taking the time to figure this out and sharing it with the rest of us!

    • admin Reply

      Thank you! Glad it helped, I know I spent enough time trying to figure it out myself so I’m glad I could help others.

  4. Tina Reply

    Thank you. Helped me fix my issues when I migrated to 8.1 Have an old HTC (version 2.2). Very grateful for the post.

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