English Google Maps hack for Swedes

Small but good tweak for Swedes and others that use an english version of Google Maps, since we enter street numbers at the end of the address instead of at the beginning.

Short version – You can enter the street number first, just like entering a US address.

Long version:

In the US and most english speaking countries addresses are written:

470 Ramona Street, Palo Alto

Whilst in Sweden we’d write:

Ramona Street 470, Palo Alto

I won’t argue which one I think is best, but Google hasn’t adapted to Swedish and lettting us enter street numbers after the street address. In the Swedish Google Maps you can enter street name and then choose the street from the list and then enter number, all before the search completes.

But that isn’t there in an US/UK version of GM, which creates a hassle for a Swede since we start by writing Ramona which triggers autocomplete but without street number, that opens a random place on Ramona Street and then we  have to edit the address written to add the street number after maps has located the street.

BUT – for all Swedes, you can start with the street number, just like entering a US address.

So when looking for Sveavägen 96, just enter 96 and start writing Sveavägen and it autocompletes correctly.

Easy but not obvious 🙂




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