A list of ideas as they come to me.

Phone security hierarchy

What if you had multiple layers of security on your phone? so you could log in and use the browser or check email but not make calls or use banking apps?

The idea came to me when I got annoyed that I had to keep logging in to my phone to do very simple tasks, and I compared it to my office computer that I can use but not make any major changes or install software since that is controlled by IT.

I know you can set separate security levels for certain apps and such, but it would be cool if you could add global levels of access and choose what each level could / could not do.

Zoom Meetings / Virtual meetings

So here a list of improvements I’d like to see in zoom/similar apps:

  • See grid view at the same time as you click to private video chat with one or two people, to enable a more natural networking experience.

Voice Services